Politico Arena: What’s your question?  
Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform:
“If Barack Obama and the left are the masters of social networking and the internet, why are congressmen receiving more e-mails against a government takeover of medicine than they are receiving in support of Canada/Britain care?”
“Conservative groups are all out there saying: ‘Here are the questions to ask,’” Norquist said. “We’re getting them informed questions, and the backup for it, and then sending it out to the radio talks shows. We’re making sure our team feels comfortable that they know the facts.”
After criticizing conservative protestors as ‘manufactured’, the Obama administration genuinely manufactures pro-government health care takeover protestors.

(photo: http://blog.cleveland.com/world_impact/2009/04/large_swine%20flu%20mexico%20health%20clinic.jpg)