Every day, ATR is releasing state impact data on one state analyzing the financial impact of the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Tax Bill. Our first post was on Alabama. The Left-wing, George Soros funded Media Matters has taken issue with our facts in one of their recent postings. I would glady comment on their site, but since they are against freedom, they do not allow comments.

We show that Alabama will experience a decline in Gross State Product of -$1,905,440,000, a total personal income loss of -$2,667,830,000 and non-farm job losses of 23,910. [source]

Media Matters claims, "Reality: Every Single State Will Gain Jobs From An Investment In Clean Energy Technologies." This isn’t exactly the case. The Green Jobs Act mandates that in order to receive federal funding for "green jobs", organizations must partner with an organized labor union, saying:

(ii) ELIGIBILITY- To be eligible to receive a grant under clause (i), an entity shall be a non-profit partnership that–

(I) includes the equal participation of industry, including public or private employers, and labor organizations…

To receive federal funding, this Act forces organizations to partner with labor unions. The problem: organized labor only makes up 7.8 percent of the private sector workforce nationwide and only 7 percent of private construction in Alabama [source]

Their "reality" claim should read "In Alabama, 93 percent of the workforce will not be eligible to compete in the new "green jobs" created.

They continue claiming, "Alabama Will Gain 29,000 Jobs From An Investment In Clean Energy Technologies." Again…not exactly true. Due to the union-only provisions in the Green Jobs Act, only 8,476 of the unionized construction force in Alabama will be able to work on these projects. A total of ZERO new jobs.

Providing "work" and creating "jobs" are two different things.