In “rapid response” mode, the very same Media Matters blogger that attacked ATR’s interactive look at the effects of Card Check legislation has posted a new response. Unfortunately, they once again leave out important information about the very real issues that “Card Checked” portrays.

As if their criticism wasn’t enough, they once again post the comments from the AFL-CIO representative that discusses “Card Checked” and decide NOT to get any information from the other side of the debate.
This is a far cry from the “fact-checking” that the blogger holds up as proof that the criticism is fair and representative of both sides of the issue. What was posted in our response to the original Media Matters blog post was cited with facts: facts about “Card Checked”, facts about the public’s feelings on the legislation, and facts about what was said by the Media Matters blogger.
I would pose the question again. If Media Matters is concerned with the truth, why are they continuing to only quote one representative in the two sides of this very important issue? Why are they attacking an organization merely for using today’s technology to inform the mass public about a subject they may not otherwise have on their radar screen? ATR and AWF remain encouraged by the excitement “Card Checked” has created over the past week and hope that many more visit the sites to play along.