It didn’t take long for the anti-worker groups to come out in full force to attempt to discredit the opposition to the AFL-CIO’s “number one priority”… Card Check, also known to its proponents as EFCA.

With the growingpopularity of Americans for Tax Reform’s game “Card Checked”, those in the pro-Union bosses camp have decided to use their supporters at various so-called “non-partisan” groups to try and damage the opposition. Earlier this week, the liberal group Media Matters posted a blog condemning the game. The author accused the creators of mischaracterizing Labor leaders while accusing the game of being a “union-hate” program.
Just one problem with the take from Matt Finkelstein… he decided to only use the response from the AFL-CIO. Why?? If they are supposedly a “watchdog” group interested in the truth, then why not come straight to the source for their information?
There is good reason Media Matters chooses not to inform the public regarding all sides of the “Card Check” story; as well as allowing those they try to criticize any fair chance to respond… because they aren’t concerned with the truth. They are simply concerned with pushing an agenda, and “Card Check” is certainly on that agenda. They are so desperate because the American public now knows how awful this legislation is, that they are willing to subvert facts by completely bypassing an entire side of the debate.
The truth is “Card Checked” is so popular because it speaks to the real threat posed by the radical labor reform that the Unions are trying to force on American Businesses all over the country; the truth is that “Card Checked” does show the implications the horrible bill would have on various issues like the secret ballot, arbitration, and effects on small business, among others.