In an op-ed from December 6th, 2016 Katie McAuliffe, Executive Director of Digital Liberty & Federal Affairs Manager at Americans for Tax Reform, states that a meddling FCC doesn’t want you to have free mobile data.

“The FCC is more concerned with protecting its own limited worldview than with what is good for consumers.

Competition means that if a new idea rises to the surface and is better than the previous thought, minds can change, business models can adjust, and products can adapt – that is innovation.  But protecting specific competitors and a specific view of the future locks us into where we are now – that is stagnation.

If the FCC were really concerned with consumers, then they would allow the market to test ideas and business models.  Not attack plans to give consumers free data.   Free data plans are also called zero-rated plans because customers don’t have to pay out of their data bucket for the month. Therefore customers pay zero dollars and zero data, hence zero rates.”

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