Richard Rahn, Chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth, recently posed the question "has the economic stimulus program helped or hurt" and proceeded to discuss how this could be objectivly measured.

"There are several ways to see if it is working as advertised. First, what did the proponents say would happen when they were pushing the plan versus what has happened? Second, how has the United States fared compared to other nations that had smaller or no stimulus programs? Third, how have the results to date compared to what pro-stimulus, Keynesian-school economic theorists advocated versus what other theorists (principally Austrian-school) who largely opposed the stimulus plans said"

After analyzing all the evidence, he concludes:

"The only things one can say for sure about stimulus money is that it will add to the deficit, ultimately driving up interest rates and taxes; and much of it will be wasted and/or stolen, neither of which benefits the unemployed. By any objective measure, the stimulus program has been and will continue to be a failure – but don’t expect the Washington politicos ever to admit it."

The evidence is overwhelming and beyond any serious doubt. The ‘stimulus" has been an absolute, total and utter failure, leaving us with nothing but a massive debt.