Meanwhile in the states pic

Alabama: Gov. Robert Bentley expects Medicaid benefit cuts under legislature’s budget. 

Arkansas: Franklin County likely to ask for sales tax on ballot to build new prison. 

California: Hospital lobbying group collects $8.5 million to extend temporary tax increase. 

Colorado: Legislature passes tax exemptions for aircraft. 

Connecticut: Gov. Dannel Malloy and legislature look to roll back some death fees.

Florida: Business leader’s move from New Jersey to Florida saves hundreds of millions in taxes. 

Idaho: Concerns over transportation funding shortfall raised. 

Indiana: Indiana city considers wheel tax.

Illinois: Legislators to consider gas tax increase for infrastructure.

Iowa:  Proposal to use 2010 sales tax increase for water quality projects gets bipartisan support.

Kansas: New school funding plan could increase property taxes.

Kentucky:  Kentucky legislative leaders to resume budget talks.

Louisiana: No cuts proposed to fix budget deficit.

Maine: Legislators urged to offer tax breaks for natural resource industry. 

Maryland: Gov. Larry Hogan avoids confrontation with General Assembly over vetoes.

Minnesota: Legislators discuss tax cuts amidst lower-than-projected surplus.

Mississippi: Mississippi first to reach Tax Freedom Day.

Missouri: Senate approves gas tax hike.

Nebraska: Property tax credit for agriculture advances.

New Jersey: State faces budget shortfall after billionaire leaves. 

New York: General Assembly considers additional tax on carried interest.

North Carolina: Gov. Pat McCrory recommends 5 percent teach pay raise.

North Dakota: North Dakota ranked one of highest states for Medicare overbilling. 

Ohio: Gov. John Kasich’s Medicaid expansion has cost taxpayers $7 billion.

Oklahoma:  Second Oklahoma Internet tax bill makes progress.

Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania capital stock tax is no more.

Rhode Island: Legislature considers tampon sales tax exemption. 

South Dakota: South Dakota and other U.S. states are emerging as a tax haven alongside Switzerland, Caymans.

Tennessee: Bike Walk Tennessee remains opposed to revamp of bill banning gas tax use for bike lanes.

Utah: Gov. Gary Herbert signs education bill to increase early education funding.

West Virginia: Budget talks weigh cuts and taxes.