Alaska: Gov. Walker may withhold Alaskan resident’s dividend checks if lawmakers don’t resolve the state’s budget problems during second special session that starts July 11.

California: Constituents faced 89 local taxes and bonds on the ballot this primary election and can expect more tax increases on the ballot this November.   

Illinois: The Chicago Teacher’s Union hit City Hall Wednesday to promote numerous tax hikes including a new tax on financial transactions, higher fuel and hotel taxes, and a tax on ride-share services.

Illinois: The state is still without a budget—12 months and counting.  

Kansas: Lawmakers entered special session on Thursday to come up with additional education funding as mandated by the State Supreme Court last month.

Louisiana: Lawmakers end the state’s second special session with nearly $284 million in new taxes.  

North Carolina: Tar Heel State lawmakers may ask voters to lock in place income tax cuts made since Republicans gained full control of the legislature and governor’s office in 2013 on the ballot this November.

Pennsylvania: Rumors of a $500 million tobacco tax increase would put Pennsylvania on track for the largest state budget increase in a decade.