Note to Obama: When Mc"Cap and Trade" himself won’t even support your plan…you might want to rethink the plan.

Today, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) spoke at an event sponsored by The Reform Institute on the future of energy policies. I was there and captured most of the gems given by the former presidential candidate during my live tweeting of the event (@brianjohnsonmpa). Here are some quotes from the highlight reel:

McCain on energy policy:

I promise oil prices will rise again

We are borrowing from foreign lenders to buy oil from foreign producers

I believe global warming is the most fundamental crisis facing the world today (really!?!)

McCain on President Obama:

The President [Obama] has risked our economic future with tax, borrow, and spend policies

I contiue to be baffled by the rhetoric coming out of the Administration about nuclear power

Refusing to recognize the role of nuclear power will limit our environmental and energy development

McCain on cap and trade policies:

I am a supporter of a cap and trade system but will not align myself with this President’s slush fund system

I do not support using cap and trade as a revenue generator for our bloated government

The money generated from a limited auction cannot be used for a fedearl slush fund to pay for healthcare reform

President Obama, in the interest of bi-partisanship, when the most staunch Republican supporter of cap and trade doesn’t even agree with you…you may a have tiny little problem.

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Photo Credit: Vincent J. Brown