In Spanish, the word for ‘greatest’ is ‘mayor.’ It’s probably where mayors in this country derived their names, being the top executives in their cities.

But some mayors – who presume to represent all of our nation’s local leaders – have decided to disgraced mayors everywhere.

Mayors Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, and Scott Smith of Mesa, AZ – all leaders of the US Conference of Mayors – wrote an opinion piece for The Politico today. In it, they criticize the stalled Congressional negotiations over the debt-ceiling increase.

Presuming to have the fortitude and superiority to comment, they ask the national government for “some tax increases.

Gentlemen, we have seen time and time again that tax increases do not help get rid of spending problems – they only exacerbate them. Washington’s lawmakers are like spending junkies – they are simply begging for another shot of revenues so they can throw it away on irresponsible spending programs.  

But as flawed as their logic is, we further question their credibility to even write such a piece. Two of them are wasteful, if not corrupt – and one of them goes clearly against his own message.

Villaraigosa is known for his rampant waste and ethical violations.

He has accepted several high-priced gifts from special interests, including Oscar tickets and courtside Lakers’ tickets.  The city of Los Angeles even admits they may have paid for some of Villaraigosa’s illicit expenses.

Villaraigosa has also faced charges of nepotism; he was caught obtaining his daughter – who had no applicable credentials – a $68-thousand a year job as a Democratic staffer at full taxpayer expense.

If we gave this man his supposed needed increase in taxes, would it go to his Lakers tickets and his daughter’s salary?

Smith faces less personal allegations, but is still culpable in problematic spending.

He defended his city’s hiring of illegal immigrant janitors and even lashed out at the County Sheriff when he tried to clean house. Might his revenue increases be used to hire illegals?

Nutter is a different story; he has been slashing spending, even in unpopular ways, like closing city libraries and firing school lunch-ladies.

So why is he trying to be fiscally responsible when he is telling the Federal government to increase taxes and fork over more spending?

He said of his own budget, “I cannot over emphasize how serous things are that we would get to this point.” Maybe he should treat the $14-trillion national deficit with the same solemnity.

With legacies of spending, corruption, and mismanagement, these three mayors should take a long hard look in the mirror.  They are part of the problem, their tax and spend philosophy is what helped get us in this mess to begin with. 

Any way you look at it, these three mayors do not represent the best minds in leadership today.


WHAT DO YOU THINK?: Do you think your tax-money should be going to Lakers tickets?”