Vote Here - Election Polling Place by Tony Webster is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Americans for Tax Reform congratulates all Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers who secured victory in the May 24th primary elections in Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia. These signers have put in writing their commitment to low taxes, less spending, and a freer, more prosperous economy. Given high inflation and an uncertain economic outlook, the last thing voters want is more money taken out of their paychecks—and their votes reflect that. 

Listed below are the victorious Pledge signers:

  • Arnold Mooney (AL House-43)
  • Steve Hurst (AL House-35)
  • Steve Clouse (AL House-93)
  • Clay Scofield (AL Senate-9)
  • Harlan Breaux (AR House-6)
  • Bart Hester (AR House-22)
  • Charlene Fite (AR House-24)
  • Johnny Rye (AR House-36)
  • Josh Miller (AR House-41)
  • Ryan Rose (AR House-48)
  • Max Avery (AR House-49)
  • Mary Bentley (AR House-54)
  • Les Eaves (AR House-58)
  • David Ray (AR House-69)
  • Keith Brooks (AR House-78)
  • Danny Watson (AR House-88)
  • Mike Holcomb (AR House-93)
  • Lane Jean (AR House-99)
  • Terry Rice (AR Senate-5)
  • Reginald Murdock (AR Senate-9)
  • Jane English (AR Senate-13)
  • Blake Johnson (AR Senate-21)
  • Scott Flippo (AR Senate-23)
  • Missy Irvin (AR Senate-24)
  • Gary Stubblefield (AR Senate-26)
  • Clint Penzo (AR Senate-31)
  • David Ralston (GA House-07) 
  • Eddie Lumsden (GA House-12) 
  • Katie Dempsey (GA House-13) 
  • Charlice Byrd (GA House-20) 
  • Todd Jones (GA House-25) 
  • Alan Powell (GA House-33) 
  • Sharon Cooper (GA House-45)
  • Sheila Jones (GA House-60) 
  • Billy Mitchell (GA House-88) 
  • Bruce Williamson (GA House-112) 
  • Bill Werkheiser (GA House-157) 
  • Herbert Lehman Franklin III (GA House-160) 
  • Penny Houston (GA House-170) 
  • Brian Strickland (GA Senate-17) 
  • Max Burns (GA Senate-23)
  • Greg Dolezal (GA Senate-27) 
  • John Albers (GA Senate-56) 

The Pledge remains a great way to hold candidates and politicians accountable. Many will promise not to raise taxes on the campaign trail but will quickly turn their back on the taxpayer once elected. The Pledge provides a mechanism for candidates to put their promises in writing and differentiate themselves from the crowd. Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist comments on the importance of the Pledge: 

“The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is a simple litmus test that tells voters, ‘I will work to protect your wallet.’ I encourage all candidates for elected office to make this commitment today.”

The sweeping victory of the Pledge signers reaffirms that the American people want fewer and lower taxes. Americans for Tax Reform commends these signers and congratulates them on their victory. We are confident that they will remain true to their promises if elected in November.

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is a written commitment by an elected official or candidate to the voters of his or her state to oppose any tax increase. Americans for Tax Reform has offered the Pledge to all candidates for federal and state office since 1986. For the most up-to-date information on this race or any other, please visit the ATR Pledge Database.