Democrat lawmakers in Maryland continue to stack up the costs on Marylanders. They have doubled tolls on their roads, they have increased alcohol taxes; now they are making state employees pay dues for a union they’re not even in.

State government employees will be made to pay union dues to the public employee union – even if they do not wish to be a member. 

In the past, participation in such unions was a choice in Maryland. For someone to work for the state, their only requirement was that they do their job well. Now paying for the unions will be compulsory for all state employees – even if they are not a member.

In Maryland, 12,550 government employees have chosen not to join a union. But, with the establishment of new rules, they will now have to pay union dues.

Michael White, an employee of the Motor Vehicle Administration, said “People like me, I don't have a lot of faith in unions.” But he, and many people like him, will be forced to pay for a union they don’t want to be a part of. What’s worse is the unions don’t even need the higher revenues—the AFSCME spent upwards of $3.3-million last year. 

This is likely a corrupt political decision, rather than one that will benefit workers. Unions have always been politically active. But this is getting out of hand.

The state employee unions donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Maryland Democrat Party and held rallies for the Democrat Governor, O’Malley. The state legislature, Democrat controlled, passed this legislation and it was signed by Governor O’Malley. With the unions promising to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the 2012 elections, this was just a corrupt way for politicians to funnel themselves more money for their campaigns.

With many states – even traditionally pro-union states like Massachusetts – undertaking aggressive pension reform and cutting government waste, Maryland Democrats have stepped up and shown they aren’t afraid to spit into the wind, buck the trend, and continue full steam ahead towards economic ruin. 

What do you think? Should people be forced to pay to be a part of a union they do not wish to join in the first place?