Louisiana Senator is a critical vote for middle-class tax relief

WASHINGTON – Tomorrow, the United States Senate will vote on a comprehensive package to significantly reduce the Death Tax, extend critical tax provisions such as the Research & Development tax credit, a tax deduction for state sales tax and a college tuition tax deduction. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has a long history with the Death Tax.  In 2002, she voted for repeal.  In May of 2006 she voted against eliminating this onerous burden citing the “cost” repeal would impose.  Next, the senator proposed her own bill to repeal the Death Tax, which, with a “price tag” of $260 billion, would equal the static cost of the current package. 

While Sen. Landrieu does not have a reason to oppose the comprehensive package, she is under pressure from Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) to oppose this legislation despite the benefits it would bring to Louisiana.  A recent press report from Bob Novak explained, “Reid also has made it clear to his Democratic colleagues he wants no bill eliminating the estate tax, in part or in whole, to be passed this year.” This pressure may cause Landrieu to turn her back on Louisiana taxpayers, small businesses, and family farmers.

“It looks like Sen. Landrieu is finally out of excuses for dragging her feet on Death Tax repeal.  Louisiana desperately needs this package.  Harry Reid does not know the first thing about Louisiana’s economy and how critical these provisions are for taxpayers and small businesses,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). “For him to try to force Sen. Landrieu to vote his way is an insult to Louisiana families.”

Not only must Landrieu vote yes for Death Tax reform but her support for the package would mean that families in Louisiana can open doors for their children with the tax deduction for college tuition.  Teachers in Louisiana see that the Senator must vote yes so they can claim an above-the line tax deduction their out of classroom expenses.  Pelican State small businesses and family farms are crossing their fingers for a “Yea” vote as the death tax reform will help them grow, save and pass on the fruit of their labor to future generations.  Other state residents will benefit from a welfare-to-work tax credit and from a substantial increase in the minimum wage. 
“It’s time for Sen. Landrieu to stop tossing out empty excuses and to stand up and do what’s right for Louisiana families rather than refusing to sacrifice the Louisiana economy just to appease some Senator from Nevada with a narrow special interest,” continued Norquist.