On the day of an overwhelmingly bipartisan Senate confirmation of President Obama’s pick for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner and on the heels of a House budget hearing for the FDA, it’s important to examine the fights taking place against government overreach at the state level as well. The most significant of which includes the ongoing attempt by the so-called public health community and money-hungry lawmakers to raise taxes on electronic cigarettes and vapor products.

Click here for a larger image of the tax rate and threat map. 

*As of today, 11 states are still considering imposing excise or “sin” taxes on e-cigarettes, a policy prescription that Americans for Tax Reform fundamentally opposes in every state with ongoing threats. E-cigarettes are not only tobacco-free technology products; they are actually effective smoking cessation tools and helping thousands of Americans quit smoking. Politicians should not only reject efforts to raise taxes on e-cigarettes; they should publicly embrace and celebrate the growth of the industry. 

*Updated on March 22.