Senator Richard Lugar introduced a bill that leads to more government regulation in the automobile and energy industries.  S. 3464, The Practical Climate and Energy Plan, is yet another piece of legislation that uses command-and control mandates to limit emissions in our homes and on our roads-in reality it would drive up the price of energy for all consumers.  

On June 29 ATR sent a letter to all Senators urging them to vote against S. 3464.  This bill infringes on consumer choice by allowing the federal government to decide which cars the American public should drive.  By forcing automakers to produce cars that meet certain fuel efficiency standards Senator Lugar’s bill would take all power away from the consumers.

What the government should do is let the automakers dictate the pace at which hybrid and more fuel efficient cars are produced as to respond to consumer demand.  This butchering of the free market would also hurt those families and business that are forced to driver larger cars in order to maintain their livelihoods.

The Practical Energy and Climate Act also attacks the energy production industry.  By taking away incentives for businesses to invest in new energy, Senator Lugar is attempting to turn the energy market into a one horse show.  Our economy needs tax breaks to help generate investment once again.

Although S. 3464 would not force companies o pay for carbon emission like cap-and-trade, it still does not solve America’s growing energy problem.  The U.S. economy cannot afford for more government regulation and restrictions of the free market.  

Call the Senate switchboard today at 202.224.3121 and ask for your Senator’s office-tell them to oppose S. 3464 and urge the Senate leadership not to bring this to the floor.