The Louisiana House defeated HB 889, which would have raised taxes on cigarettes by 138%, this week. HB 889 would also have taxed Louisianans an additional 50% on cigars and 50% on smokeless tobacco.

The final vote was 45 yeas, 55 nays, and 4 absent from voting.
ATR commends the following pledge signers in the House for standing up for taxpayers and opposing HB 889: Representative Burford, Representative Chandler, Representative Henry, Representative Jones, Representative Ligi, Representative Richard, Representative Simon, Representative Jane Smith, Representative Schroder, and Representative Talbot.
Unfortunately, Representative Steve Carter, Representative Jean Doerge, Representative Joseph Harrison, and Representative Dorothy Hill all broke their pledge to vote against any tax increases by voting for HB 889.
Click here for a copy of the letter that ATR sent to the legislature in opposition to HB 889
photo credit: stevesheriw