List of Candidates Who Signed Taxpayer Protection Pledge ELECTION RESULTS

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) congratulates the following candidates for winning the October 4th elections, or for qualifying for the run-off election to be held on November 4th. Each of these candidates signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, sponsored by ATR. By signing the Pledge, a candidate/incumbent promises "to oppose [and vote against/veto] any and all efforts to increase taxes."

These candidates join President Bush, 42 Members of the U.S. Senate, 217 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, eight Governors, four Lieutenant Governors, two Attorneys General, four Secretaries of State, four Treasurers, and 1214 incumbent state legislators, all of whom have pledged to oppose tax increases.

ATR mailed copies of the Pledge to all candidates in Louisiana in September before the October 4th vote, and will mail the Pledge again to all run-off candidates before the November 4, 2003 vote. Additional copies of the Pledge are available at, as well as a list of incumbent and candidate signers.

"I strongly encourage any candidate running for election to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge," commented Grover Norquist, President of ATR. "The pledge allows voters and residents of states like Louisiana to differentiate between tax-and-spend politicians and their taxpayer-friendly opponents."

In Louisiana, the following races are open for election in 2003: governor, state Senate, state House. The following candidates have signed the pledge, and will participate in the run-off on November 4th. Incumbents are listed in italic font:

1. Bobby Jindal (governor)
2. Ben Nevers (S-12)
3. John "Juba" Diez (H-59)
4. Randy Evans (H-98)
5. Leonard Lucas (H-99)

The following Pledge signers won their seats in the October 4th election. Incumbents are listed in italics:

1. Chris Ullo (S-8)
2. Butch Gautreaux (S-21)
3. Kenneth Michael Smith (S-31)
4. Max Malone (S-37)
5. Roy "Hoppy" Hopkins (H-1)
6. Jane H. Smith (H-8)
7. Jean Doerge (H-10)
8. Charles McDonald (H-14)
9. Mike Walsworth (H-15)
10. John R. Smith (H-30)
11. Herman Ray Hill (H-32)
12. Ronnie Johns (H-33)
13. Daniel Flavin (H-36)
14. Syndie Mae Durand (H-46)
15. Mickey Frith (H-47)
16. Robert Faucheux (H-57)
17. Mike Futrell (H-66)
18. William Daniel (H-68)
19. Carl Crane (H-70)
20. A.G. Crowe (H-76)
21. Diane Winston (H-77)
22. Shirley Bowler (H-78)
23. Charles Lancaster (H-80)
24. Steve Scalise (H-82)
25. Matthew (Pete) Schneider (H-90)
26. Kenneth Odinet (H-103)