Jon Tester has other ideas for your money

Washington, DC- Montana’s US Senate race could cost taxpayers $1,428 a year, the amount they risk losing unless lawmakers make tax relief permanent.  And in this race the candidates- Sen. Conrad Burns and candidate Jon Tester (D-MT) make the option very clear.

“The contrasts are clear: Senator Burns took the taxpayer protection pledge to ‘oppose any and all tax increases…’ while Jon Tester has failed to sign the pledge. He continues to contemplate the many ways he will spend the additional $1,428 he receives from each taxpayer,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

The voters of Montana should also consider several other factors: since the passage of the Jobs Growth and Tax Reconciliation Relief Act of 2003, Montana has experienced a net job creation of 35,500 jobs or a 9 percent increase in employment. Additionally, if tax relief is not extended 26 million small business owners nationwide will experience a tax increase of $3,367, and 17 million seniors will witness a tax increase of $2,034. 

“The facts speak for themselves. Senator Burns is strongly on the side of Montana’s taxpayers. He is a pledge signer with a remarkable lifetime rating of 93%, and has received our “Hero of the Taxpayer” award 13 times, or more specifically every year he has been in the US Senate,” continued Mr. Norquist.