In the contested race for the Republican nomination as Lieutenant Governor this year in Virginia, voters should beware: Delegate Glenn Davis has a history of raising taxes and growing government. 

Here are just a few of the billions of dollars in tax hikes he has supported during his time as a Delegate to the General Assembly and City Council-member:

Sales Tax Hikes

Six Percent Sales Tax Increase Statewide (HB 2313, 2013);

Twenty Percent Sales Tax Increase in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads (HB 2313, 2013); 

Gas Tax Hikes

Statewide Gas Tax Increase (HB 2313, 2013);

Targeted Hampton Roads Gas Tax Increase (HB 2313, 2013);

Wholesale tax on motor fuels increased by additional 2.1 percent beyond statewide level for Hampton Roads;

Real Estate Tax Hikes

Northern Virginia Real Estate Recording Tax Increase (HB 2313, 2013);

15 cents per $100 of property value added to the real estate recording fee On real property where a deed, instrument, or writing is recorded;

Virginia Beach Real Estate Tax Increase (Virginia Beach’s 2013 City Budget);

6-cent tax rate increase tied to state funding on top of the city’s existing 89 cents per $100 of assessed value tax (Virginian-Pilot, 10/5/13);

Hotel Tax Hikes

Two Percent Hotel Occupancy Tax Increase (HB 2313, 2013);

Car Tax Hikes

Car Titling Tax Increase from 3 to 4.14 Percent (HB 2313, 2013);

Personal Property Tax Increase on Cars from $3.70 to $3.80 per $100 of Value (James Spore, Resource Management Plan, 2010);

New Internet Taxes

New Tax on Internet Purchases (HB 1501, 2017);

Davis filed legislation this year to tax internet sales, a move that could have raised taxes by more than $250 million a year (Fiscal Impact Statement, Department of Taxation).

But wait, there’s more. Delegate Glenn Davis supported Obamacare expansion in Virginia. When his colleagues were rejecting the misguided expansion of Medicaid for able-bodied adults, Davis was penning op-eds and spending his time arguing, “We take the money, or it goes someplace else.” 

Delegate Glenn Davis is not a mainstream conservative. He’s out-of-touch with the real needs of taxpayers. 

Unlike the last Republican Lt. Governor, Davis refuses to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written commitment to you, Virginia voters, to oppose even more tax increases. Can taxpayers trust Davis as the leader of the Virginia state Senate? On June 13th, you’ll have the chance to decide. Taxpayers deserve better.