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Ahead of Tuesday’s elections, Americans for Tax Reform is proud to release a new list of candidates, both challengers and incumbents, who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to voters in West Virginia. The candidates on this list have made a personal written commitment to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes on West Virginians. 

ATR urges taxpayers to consider the individuals who have made this commitment to protect small businesses and families from higher net taxes in West Virginia as they head to the polls on Tuesday.  

State Senate Challengers

  • Vicki Dunn-Marshall (S-5)
  • Gary Johngrass (S-7)
  • Robert Karnes (S-11)
  • Michael L. Queen (S-12)
  • Doug Skaff (S-17)


State Senate Incumbents

  • Craig Blair (S-15)
  • Clark Barnes (S-11)

House of Delegates Challengers

  • Saira Blair (H-59)
  • Sue Cline (H-25)
  • Michael Ihle (H-13)
  • Patrick Lucas (H-16)
  • Philip Mallow (H-50)
  • Steve Marcum (H-19)
  • Ralph Rodighiero (H-24)
  • Patricia Rucker (H-67)
  • Vaughn T. Sizemore (H-36)
  • Christopher A. Stansbury (H-35)
  • Jill Upson (H-65)
  • Adam Yoest (H-14)


House of Delegates Incumbents

  • George Ambler (H-42)
  • Tim Armstead (H-40)
  • Karen Arvon (H-31)
  • Ray Canterbury (H-42)
  • Roy Cooper (H-28)
  • Paul Espinosa (H-66)
  • Larry W. Faircloth (H-60)
  • Michael Folk (H-63)
  • Cindy Frich (H-51)
  • Marty Gearheart (H-27)
  • Danny Hamrick (H-48)
  • Eric Householder (H-64)
  • Gary Howell (H-56)
  • Larry D. Kump (H-59)
  • Joshua A. Nelson (H-23)
  • John D. O’Neal IV (H-28)
  • John Overington (H-62)
  • Rupert Phillips (H-24)
  • Ruth Rowan (H-57)
  • John Shott (H-27)
  • Doug Skaff (H-35)
  • Kelli Sobonya (H-18)
  • Linda Sumner (H-30)
  • Ronald N. Walters (H-39)


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