Candidate for Hawaii Governor Promises to Oppose Tax Increases

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) applauds candidate for Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle for signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge on August 30, 2002. By signing the Pledge, Lingle promises "to oppose … any and all efforts to increase taxes."

Lingle joins 26 other candidates for governor across the country who have also pledged that they will oppose tax increases if elected. At present, 8 incumbent governors, 1278 state legislators, 250 Members of Congress and President George W. Bush have signed a similar pledge.

"Thank you, Linda Lingle, for your dedication to the taxpayers of Hawaii, and all the people who live there," commented Grover Norquist, President of ATR. "Having signed the Pledge, taxpayers now know that you support them taking home more of their hard-earned paychecks."

"Linda Lingle joins a strong, country-wide coalition by signing the Pledge. At all levels of government, frivolous tax-and-spenders are losing ground to taxpayer-friendly candidates.

"By signing the Pledge, Linda Lingle demonstrates leadership, concern for taxpayers, and the courage of her convictions. Ms. Lingle distinguishes herself in the great state of Hawaii by signing the Pledge."