In his bid to become the next state Senator from West Virginia’s 5th district, trial lawyer Mike Woelfel has promised voters that if elected, he will raise taxes.

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“I’m the first politician that says I’ll raise your taxes.” Mike Woelfel

Hold your wallets. Promising to raise taxes is far from a forward thinking plan for pulling West Virginia out of decades of fiscal decline. West Virginia University’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research estimates that by 2030, the state will lose another 20,000 residents. Raising taxes will expedite this process.

Liberal Democrat Mike Woelfel clearly doesn’t understand what’s going on in West Virginia. Hundreds of thousands of people have moved from high tax states to low-tax ones. For decades, the Democrat-run legislature has sat idly by as billions of dollars in investment and opportunities have leapt over the Mountain State. Even for a proud Progressive, this should be troubling.

The WVU study noted, “Positive changes to the state’s business or policy environment…could attract migration into the state.” Higher taxes aren’t the answer.

The Republican in the race for the 5th district is a businesswoman who understands this. Vicki Dunn-Marshall has created thousands of jobs and understands that too many people have left the state because of the kinds of policies that Mike Woelfel supports. Not only does Vicki Dunn-Marshall oppose higher taxes, she put it in writing to voters by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

By signing the Pledge, Vicki Dunn-Marshall has demonstrated that she is the only candidate in the 5th district that stands with taxpayers and against special spending interests in Charleston. Voters should remember that when they head to the ballot box on Election Day.

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