The Wisconsin State Capitol is currently locked down. Pro-union protesters are intimidating legislators by pounding on windows, screaming insults and vandalising public property. Above is a picture of union protestors, many of whom are teachers who called off sick to storm the Capitol. Teacher strikes are illegal in Wisconsin.

The Senate needs 20 members present for a quorum; there are 19 Republicans. Sen. Roberta Darling (R) told the media today that all Democrat Senators are on a bus heading out of the state so as to avoid quorum. The police have been dispatched to find them and drag them back to the Capitol to represent their constituents.

The events unfolding in Madison today completely validate SB 11 itself.

We are on the precipice of breaking government employee unions as we know them in this country. It starts in Wisconsin.

EDIT: Just received a picture of WI Senate Democrats at the roll call this afternoon. Impressive principled stand on behalf of the constituents who elected them: