Americans for Tax Reform submitted a letter to members of the Wyoming House of Representatives today in support of SF 0125 which will protect Wyoming businesses and consumers from harmful taxes by retaining regulatory consistency throughout the state. The full letter can be read below.

Dear Representative,

On behalf of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) and our supporters across Wyoming, I urge you to support SF 0125, a pro-taxpayer reform that would protect Wyoming businesses and consumers from harmful taxes and regulations imposed by local governments. Retaining regulatory consistency and uniformity throughout the state will safeguard Wyoming residents from poorly thought-out local restrictions, or tax grabs to raise further revenue from some of your most vulnerable constituents.

The pre-emption provisions included in SF 0125 are vital to protect the economy of Wyoming. It is the fundamental responsibility of state governments to protect their citizens. At times, these threats can come from local government officials. In many instances, local government officials, acting without the degree of scrutiny and accountability found at the state level, may impose punitive taxes on the most vulnerable in their communities without thinking of the hardship this may cause for both employers and consumers.

It is important to note that, contrary to some arguments made by opponents of this bill, “local control” at its core is about safeguarding individual liberties and restricting the growth of government; it is not a free pass for cities to do whatever they want. Localities are just as capable of being conduits for heavy-handed laws that will harm citizens. When that is at stake, state action is not only appropriate to safeguard individual freedoms – it is essential.

SF 0125 would protect consumers and businesses across Wyoming, ensure state tax collections are not depressed by misguided local taxes and regulations, and would prevent a patchwork of ordinances that would make Wyoming a more expensive place to do business. Americans for Tax Reform believes it is imperative for state lawmakers to use their power to safeguard their constituents from harmful policies. As such, I urge you to support and vote in favor of SF 0125.



Tim Andrews

Director of Consumer Issues

Americans for Tax Reform