Connecticut residents already pay the second-worst state and local tax burden, the last thing they need is higher taxes. But that’s what they’ve been promised by the leading Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Ned Lamont.

This week, Lamont again stated he was interested in electronic tolling to bring in more revenue, and expanding the state’s internet sales tax beyond its borders.

Lamont initially pitched an unconstitutional internet sales tax expansion in February:
“You know, on revenues, it’s not a question of raising this rate or that rate; that’s the wrong way to go. I think A. you can talk about electronic tolling when it comes to transportation, and B. perhaps expanding the sales tax base to include more e-commerce and even services so that we can really have a reliable and predictable revenue stream.”
This promise to expand the state’s sales tax on online purchases is just a power and money grab that will make shopping more expensive for families that can’t afford higher costs.