A major gas tax hike is close to being put back in the transportation budget.

After the Senate’s budget cut the gas tax increase down to just 6-cents, leaving a great opportunity for an offsetting tax cut, House leadership and Governor DeWine want to put as much as a 15-cent increase back in.

The transportation budget is in conference committee, where differences between the House and Senate will be negotiated into a final product. Due to the House’s insistence on a gas tax hike, the Senate members of the committee walked out last night, making today even more critical.

Ohioans for Tax Reform is urging taxpayers to contact their legislators, and members of the committee with calls, emails, and social media.

Sens. Bob Peterson, Matt Dolan, and Nickie Antonio are on the committee, along with House Reps. Scott Oelslager, Dave Greenspan, and Jack Cera.