The following incumbents and challengers in North Carolina have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. In doing so, these candidates have taken a written promise never to raise their constituents’ taxes. Americans for Tax Reformstrongly encourages taxpayers to consider those who have made a written commitment to their constituents through the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. 

Incumbents Challengers

NC-Sen Richard Burr (R)

NC-02 Frank Deatrich (R)

NC-10 Patrick McHenry (R)

NC-04 Frank Roche (R)

NC-05 Virginia Foxx (R)

NC-07 Ilario Pantano (R)

NC-03 Walter B. Jones (R)

NC-08 Lou Huddleston (R)

NC-06 Howard Coble (R)

NC-08 Tim D’Annuzio (R)

NC-09 Sue Myrick (R)

NC-10 Scott Keadle (R)


NC-11 Dan Eichenbaum (R)

North Carolina voters will also have their chance to vote on state level incumbents and challengers. This year over 100 state level candidates in North Carolina pledged to oppose and vote against all tax increases.

Click here to view North Carolina State Pledge Signers