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Amy Klobuchar criticized Bernie Sanders during the CBS Democratic debate tonight and said that the cost of the Sanders agenda will be “three times the American economy.”

“No, the math does not add up.  This weekend he said he wasn’t going to rattle through the nickels and the dimes. Well, let me tell you how many nickels and dimes we’re talking about. Nearly $60 trillion. Do you know how much that is for all of his programs? That is three times the American economy– not the federal government, the entire American economy. The Medicare for All plan alone on page 8 clearly says it will kick 149 million Americans off their current health insurance in four years. That is true,” Klobuchar said.

Meanwhile Pete Buttigieg said that even after Sanders’s tax proposals intended to fund Medicare for All, he would still fall about $25 trillion short.

“And even after raising taxes on everybody making $29,000, there is still a multi-trillion dollar hole. Matter of fact, if you add up his policies altogether, they come to $50 trillion. He’s only explained $25 trillion worth of revenue,” Buttigieg said.

Joe Biden also went after the Vermont Socialist and said that “Bernie still hasn’t answered the question. How much is it going to cost?”

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