Key Vote: ATR Urges NO Vote on S.Con.Res.5, FY 2021 Budget Resolution

The Senate will soon vote on S.Con.Res. 5, the Fiscal Year 2021 budget resolution. This budget resolution is being fast tracked by Democrats in order to pass Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion spending plan.

ATR urges a NO vote on final passage of S.Con.Res.5. and may include this vote in its annual scorecard.

Joe Biden ran on unifying the American people. However, his first legislative act is pushing a shell budget proposal that will allow Democrats to pass a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 spending package with no Republican votes.

Biden and Democrats in Congress want this new federal spending even though Washington has already spent $6 trillion in COVID-19 relief. This spending totals almost $70,000 for a family of four.

Congress passed a $900 billion COVID-19 relief package a little over a month ago and over $1 trillion of COVID relief has not been spent yet.

The Biden stimulus plan includes a $350 billion bailout to state and local governments. This proposal is entirely unnecessary – many states have seen little or no negative budgetary impact because of the pandemic, with California reporting a $15 billion budget surplus.

The proposal also provides a $400 per week additional unemployment benefit. This would be provided in addition to state unemployment insurance and will encourage people to remain on welfare instead of go back to work.

In addition, Democrats want to use the pandemic as an excuse to mandate a $15 minimum federal minimum wage, which could kill 3.7 million jobs and prolong the economic downturn.

ATR Urges all Members of the Senate to reject S.Con.Res. 5, the FY 2021 budget resolution.