KEY VOTE: ATR Urges NO Vote on H.R. 1425, Pelosi’s Plan to Expand Government Healthcare

The House of Representatives will soon vote on H.R. 1425, the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement Act.” 

This legislation expands Obamacare subsides and entitlements and imposes price controls and taxes on American medical innovation. The legislation also repeals several Trump deregulatory proposals that have increased access to care and reduced costs.

ATR urges a NO vote on this legislation. 

The legislation uses the COVID-19 pandemic to expand government healthcare through increased Obamacare subsidies and Medicaid expansion. This will do little to reduce costs or increase choice and instead consolidates healthcare in the hands of the federal government by spending hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxpayer dollars.

The legislation also includes key parts of H.R. 3, Pelosi’s plan to impose new price controls and a 95 percent taxes on prescription medicines.

This legislation will undermine efforts to develop Coronavirus cures. According to the Council of Economic Advisers, Pelosi’s proposal could prevent 100 lifesaving and life-preserving medicines from being created over the next decade.

The proposal also imposes a 95 percent excise tax that could hit up to 250 treatments including cures for leukemia, cancer, MS, schizophrenia, bipolar, epilepsy, lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis C.

The bill also repeals several executive actions that have given Americans access to affordable, flexible healthcare. For instance:

  • Repeals Trump’s guidance on Section 1332 waivers, which exempted states from some of Obamacare’s most onerous and stringent provisions. Every state that has obtained a Section 1332 waiver has seen Obamacare premiums decrease – the only decrease since Obamacare was enacted. According to the Heritage Foundation’s Doug Badger, Obamacare premiums in states that obtained a waiver decreased by 7.5 percent between 2018 and 2019. In non-waiver states, premiums rose by 3.1 percent.
  • Repeals Trump’s guidance on short-term limited duration health plans, which has allowed Americans to access affordable healthcare unburdened by heavy-handed Obamacare mandates. Short term plans are expected to be 50 to 80 percent cheaper than Obamacare plans, and can provide coverage for those who are in between jobs, transitioning between plans or in between coverage, can be used by middle-class families that do not have access to subsidized Obamacare plans.

H.R. 1425 expands government healthcare, imposes price controls and taxes on American medical innovation, and repeals regulatory relief that has increased choice and reduced costs for American families. 

ATR urges all lawmakers to vote NO on H.R. 1425.