Presidential candidate is seeking to change history by denying his long opposition to tax cuts

Fiction: " John Kerry has consistently fought for and supported real tax relief for the middle class."
Kerry Spokesperson Stephanie Cutter, " Cheney Contends Kerry Will Kill Tax Cuts," Associated Press 3/29/04

Fact : John Kerry has voted at least 20 times against marriage penalty tax relief, 15 times against capital gains tax reduction, at least 15 times against expanding the child credit, at least twice against the dividend tax cut, at least 12 times against repealing the Death Tax, at least 10 times against expanding Individual Retirement Accounts, and at least 8 times on higher Social Security benefits.

Fiction: " Cutter also reiterated that Kerry would only roll back the tax cuts for those earning more than $200,000." " Cheney Contends Kerry Will Kill Tax Cuts," Associated Press 3/29/04

Fact : We have no reason to believe John Kerry will keep the middle class tax cuts in place. He voted against the creation of a 10 percent income tax bracket, he voted at least twice against reducing capital gains taxes for lower-income investors, he voted against reducing the dividend tax to 5 percent for lower income investors, and he voted against marriage penalty, child credits, and IRAs at least 10 times each. Why should we believe he supports these proposals when in fact he has opposed the same initiatives for the past 20 years?

Fact : Bill Clinton and John Kerry campaigned together in 1992 on a middle class tax cut and once elected the Clinton-Gore-Kerry tax increase raised taxes on every middle-income American by raising the gas tax, by taxing Social Security benefits, and by taxing every small business income owner in America . Why should we expect a different scenario this time?