The Associated Press is reporting today that John Kerry is teaming up with Senators Graham and Lieberman in an effort to rescue a bill that Senator Boxer can’t get out of her own committee. Yesterday, Republican members of the Environment and Public Works Committee boycotted markup of the bill because a complete analysis of the bill does not exist. As we have discussed here before, Boxer seems to have lost all control of her committee and bill. 

In light of this failure to move the bill forward, Kerry is running to Senators Lieberman and Graham to provide a nice “bi-partisan” flavor to the bill. The plan is to put a job killing, tax increasing, economy destroying bill into a big pot and mix in liberal-that-is-not-quite-liberal-enough-for-the-Democrats, and Independent for a “moderate” flavoring, heat at 350 degrees for 10 minutes per page, and then cram it down the American peoples’ throats.