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The House recently passed a permanent extension of the internet tax moratorium, H.R. 3086,  Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (PITFA). PITFA would permanently prevent state and local governments from imposing taxes on internet access. (This should not be confused with the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow sales tax to be collected from e-commerce.) The Senate has not yet passed the moratorium, but it is of great importance that they pass it before the current moratorium expires on November 1st.  

The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act is the only thing stopping state and local governments from taxing internet access and making it significantly less affordable. If internet access is less affordable, fewer people will have it, and if fewer people have internet access, there is less investment in broadband infrastructure and overall less people using the internet as the amazing tool for innovation and entrepreneurship that it ought to be.

There is very little doubt that states and cities would impose taxes as soon as they were allowed.  Using cellular phone access as an example, an average of 17% of the average American cellular phone bill is now comprised of taxes.

Please do your part to keep internet access tax-free by signing our petition telling Congress to pass PITFA!