Yesterday Kanye West thanked God for his tax refund.  

The Chicago based rapper, recently in the news for his new gospel album Jesus is King, said this during an unusual moment – a karaoke event with CBS talk show host James Corden.

“Last year, I made $115 million and still ended up $35 million in debt. This year, I looked up and I just got $68 million returned to me on my tax returns.”

People say, ‘Oh don’t talk about these numbers,’ ” he continued. “No, people need to hear that someone that had been put into debt by the system talk about these kind of numbers now that they’re in service to Christ.”

But Kanye wasn’t the only one to benefit from the Trump Republican tax cuts: a family of four earning the median income of $73,000 got a $2,000 tax cut – a 58% reduction in federal income taxes — each year.  

A single parent with one child making $41,000 got a $1,300 tax cut – a 73% reduction in federal income taxes – each year. 

While Democrats dismiss the cuts, even left-leaning media outlets note that the Trump Republican tax cuts helped the middle class: 

CNN: “The facts are, most Americans got a tax cut.”

CNN: “In fact, estimates from both sides of the political spectrum show that the majority of people in the United States of America did receive a tax cut.” 

New York Times“Most people got a tax cut.” 

Washington Post“Most Americans received a tax cut.”

FactCheck.org“Most people got some kind of tax cut in 2018 as a result of the law.”

FactCheck.org“The vast majority (82 percent) of middle-income earners — those with income between about $49,000 and $86,000 — received a tax cut that averaged about $1,050.

New York Times also noted the “sustained — and misleading — effort by liberal opponents of the law to brand it as a broad middle-class tax increase.”

CBS 60 Minutes“Trump did give the middle class a tax cut.”

Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

  • Millions of low and middle-income households are no longer stuck paying the Obamacare individual mandate tax.

  • Utility bills across all 50 states went down as a direct result of the TCJA’s corporate income tax rate reduction.

  • Small businesses saw a tax decrease because of the 20% deduction for small business income.

  • Taxes went down in every state and every congressional district.

Every day more evidence comes out supporting what we already knew: middle class families won tremendous gains as a result of tax cuts. 

The tax cut doesn’t just help Kanye, it helps everyone.