Kansans who use tanning salons and Kansans who buy products (everyone) are getting hit with newer and higher taxes today. 

Today is the day that Obamacare’s first tax hike is implemented, the 10% excise tax on tanning.  30 million Americans will feel some extra heat from their tax burdens when they hop into the tanning bed today.  To see a list of other taxes included in Obamacare, click here.

The second tax hike taking effect today is the sales tax hike Governor Mark Parkinson signed on May 27th.  This 1 percent rate hike will take the state sales tax rate from 5.3 to 6.3 percent.  This tax increase will cost the taxpayers of Kansas over $300 million in fiscal year 2011 alone.  Over the next 5 years this tax hike will be pulling an estimated $1.5 billion from the pockets of hardworking Kansans.  This new tax increase is said to cost the average family an extra $266 a year, it adds up.    

Some Kansans were doing what they could to avoid the sales tax increase, making purchases in advance of July 1.  Raising taxes have consequences on behavior.  Additionally, see the new sales tax rates in the Kansas City area.  A problem that businesses in Kansas will face with the higher tax is one of competition.  Individuals living on the Kansas-Missouri line will be able to find more savings by purchasing products in Missouri rather than Kansas.  Businesses will be hurt by the tax and when individuals choose to purchase products in Kansas their pocketbooks will be lightened by the government taking more from them.  Now, even after signing this tax hike, Governor Mark Parkinson is asking for more money

To see ATR's press release highlighting both the federal excise tax on tanning and the Kansas sales tax hike, click here.