Taxpayer group releases annual Cost of Government Day Report


WashingtonThe Cost of Government Day (COGD) Report found near record high levels of spending by the federal government yet again. Due to the large levels of increased spending, Cost of Government day fell on July 12, an additional day and a half later than the adjusted 2005 Cost of Government Day. Americans for Tax Reform releases this yearly report to inform the American taxpayer what the total cost of government is and when in the calendar year the average American is finished paying off his/her share of federal, state and local taxes, and regulatory burden.


“Politicians with empty rhetoric must realize if we continue to spend at this pace without any attempt at reforming federal government spending than the establishment’s agenda of tax increases could prevail,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Then the Cost of Government will definitely be even more of a burden to the American taxpayer in the future than it already is.”


The COGD report also has several other important findings of note for concerned taxpayers everywhere. According to ATR’s COGD study, the average American taxpayer will have to work 192.5 days to payoff his or her share of government spending this year, eight more than in 2000. Federal spending has also increased by 10.2 percent since 2000.


“Politicians need to stop focusing on the budget deficit,” continued Mr. Norquist. “Budget deficits are not important but the numbers behind them are. Our major concern as a movement should be: how much is the federal government spending and how much is the government taking in with taxes?”