Compares greenie energy policy to defeating the Japanese in World War II

WASHINGTON – —Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry today released his campaign policy book detailing his liberal agenda for the future. One of his planks is an energy policy that might be mistaken for an Al Gore speech at a “Friends of the Earth” conference. Most notably, Kerry compares the “need” to develop expensive and frivolous energy initiatives such as wind power and solar cells to the Manhattan Project during World War II (Page 49 of Our Plan for America).

Kerry plans to spend tens of billions of dollars to ramp up research in wishful thinking, greenie energy pipe dreams. He leaves such practical and low-hanging fruit as tapping our nation’s vast natural gas reserve on the table. He says nothing about how liberating the Middle East from the scourge of international terrorism will help energy supply needs.

“It’s breathtaking that Senator Kerry would propose the same tired, liberal solutions to
America’s energy needs,”
said ATR President Grover Norquist. “It’s also simultaneously amusing and insulting to the Greatest Generation that he compared spending billions on an Al Gore wind turbine to defeating the Japanese empire in World War II.”

Energy is no different than any other commodity. If you want to decrease the price of it, you need to increase the supply. The best way to increase the supply is to use the abundant energy resources we have here at home, and to encourage the development of energy partners around the world.

“If Senator Kerry is so concerned about energy prices, maybe he should focus more on raising supply and less on appeasing the coercive utopians in his own party,” concluded Norquist