Democratic Standard Bearer Calls For Increasing Taxes On Working American Families

Washington – Yesterday, Sen. Joe Lieberman disassociated himself from the interests of the American people and sided with the extremist left wing of the Democratic Party. In a speech to the Detroit Economic Club, Lieberman called for raising taxes on working American families by freezing the implementation of tax cuts from the Economic Growth and Tax Reform Reconciliation Act of 2001.

Calling for tax increases is an increasingly popular way to solidify support from the small but inordinately powerful pro-Big Government base. Out of political expediency, Senators Lieberman, Kennedy, and Daschle want to raise taxes on families and tailspin the economy as a way to appease certain special interest groups that make their living off of extorting American taxpayers.

"Joe Lieberman, presidential hopeful and a leader of the Democrat Party, yesterday demonstrated he is against all American taxpayers," said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. "His call for higher taxes on American taxpayers further accelerates his ongoing shift from being a \’New Democrat\’ to the outer fringes of the left-wing."

Ironically, Lieberman\’s speech yesterday coincided with a greater than expected decline in the Conference Board\’s index of leading indicators, which signified that the current economic recovery might not be as robust as previously hoped, and that now more than ever, the economy needs the boost that President Bush\’s tax relief package is providing. For example, yeast year\’s tax relief measure has supplied $69 billion of new disposable income to American households this year, which is being used to bolster consumer spending. Increased consumer spending has helped businesses work off excessive inventories, which subsequently increases new business production and employment opportunities.

"Freezing the implementation of the tax cut is simply another way of saying \’raising taxes,\’ and raising taxes as the fragile economy recovers is tantamount to economic suicide," Norquist continued. "Thanks in large part to the passage of President Bush\’s tax relief package last year, the previous recession was the shallowest on record. Freezing this tax relief, whether whole or in part, would delay and perhaps even derail the ongoing recovery process."