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Biden: “I don’t care what it does to a small business person who’s selling this stuff.”

For the second time in two days, leading Democrat Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden suggested that he would ban nearly every life-saving nicotine vaping product on the market. Vaping is the most successful quit smoking tool ever devised, yet Joe Biden wants to “eliminate” or “halt” these life-saving products.

Here’s the key exchange during a campaign speech in Grinnell, Iowa on Sunday:

Voter at town hall: “My question is concerning the vapor industry. Over the past several months, the Trump administration thought over proposed regulations and then recently just came out with a much more narrow plan to target just the products that are the most popular among our youth, and it would largely leave small businesses unaffected. My question to you is, have you met with any of the small business owners in that space to see how these regulations impact them or how they think that we should continue forward in order to prevent youth access to these products.

Biden: “I have not met with any of the particular individual small business people selling the vaping equipment and the kinds of material that you can include in and put in the pipe. But I tell you what, one of the things that you know, everybody knows who Donald Trump is, we gotta let him know who we are, and he’s telling who I am. And I choose science over fiction. And so if the science has demonstrated is doing great damage then I don’t care what it does to a small business person who’s selling this stuff. If it is damaging lungs, if it’s causing the kind of damage that is said and that studies not been fully done yet. If it turns out that it is that I would eliminate it. I would make it I would go after it in a hard way. I would make it broader, not just for he is.”

Joe Biden also said that he would halt the sale of vaping products in response to a voter question over the weekend, according to Bloomberg News.

This position stands in stark contrast to President Donald Trump’s more nuanced position on the subject. Trump has expressed support for vaping as an alternative to smoking for adults and acknowledged that it is a huge advantage for a smoker who can make the switch. 

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