The Biden administration has outlined the “American Jobs Plan,” a $2 trillion spending plan. While the proposal is purportedly for infrastructure, much of the plan is a liberal wishlist of policies that have little, or nothing to do with roads and bridges.

As noted by Republicans on the House Budget Committee, less than 13 percent of this spending plan is spent on repairing or creating roads, bridges, waterways, locks, dams, ports, airports, and broadband.  

Some of the non-infrastructure provisions in Biden’s plan includes: 

  • 20 percent of the entire cost of the bill is for an expansion of Medicaid—approximately $400 billion.
  • $213 billion for housing and to increase federal control of local housing markets
  • $100 billion of additional funding for schools without requiring them to reopen
  • $50 billion for a new office at the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • $35 billion for climate science, innovation, and R&D 


This plan would spend $10 billion in taxpayer dollars on a uniformed “Civilian Climate Corps” tasked with the vague mission of “advancing environmental justice.” This funding would be enough to hire 200,000 professional, progressive environmental activists. These Green New Deal hall monitors would be entitled to taxpayer-funded housing, clothing, feeding, allowance, and medical expenses. 

Biden also wants to include the PRO Act in his “infrastructure” proposal. This would ban right-to-work laws, which 27 states have in place, allowing employers to force their employees to join a union as a condition of employment. The PRO Act would also force a mass reclassification of independent contractors, threatening the livelihoods of millions of contractors across the nation. When California implemented AB5, which established the same independent contractor reclassification as the PRO Act, countless people lost their jobs, had to flee the state, or saw a significant decline in income. 

ATR has compiled 655 personal testimonials from independent contractors who detail the ways that AB5 has hurt them, which you can view here.  

As it stands, the United States is on track to spend $5.8 trillion in 2021. Now, Biden wants to spend trillions of dollars more, including the second part of his infrastructure plan which is likely to cost an addition $2 trillion. With both parts of this spending package combined at about $4 trillion, this plan would be, in dollars, the largest spending increase in U.S. history.  

The so-called “American Jobs Plan” seems eerily similar to the “American Rescue Plan,” which used coronavirus pandemic relief as a Trojan horse for leftist policy goals like a $350 billion state bailout, burdensome tax paperwork mandates, a state tax cut ban, and more.  

Now, Joe Biden is attempting to implement a liberal wishlist under the guise of infrastructure, a historically popular government initiative.