Jim Nussle Replaces OMB Director Rob Portman
New budget director, like former, good news for taxpayers

Washington, DC- Yesterday, OMB Director Rob Portman announced he was resigning to move back to Ohio. Over Director Portman’s year of service, the Administration brought greater transparency and efficiency to federal spending. Replacing Portman will be former Congressman Jim Nussle of Iowa, who served as Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

While serving as the President’s main budgetary supervisor, OMB Director Portman steered the Administration towards stronger fiscal restraint. The Administration, now, runs several websites devoted to opening the spending process, including http://www.federalspending.gov/, and worked with Republicans in Congress to sign onto a letter pledging their votes to sustain a Presidential veto if the upcoming appropriations bills cost too much.

“Rob Portman did an excellent job as OMB director,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “There is a very good chance that President Bush will veto 10 or 11 of the dozen spending bills Congress will pass this year because they spent more than he wanted. That\’s real progress.”

Incoming OMB Director Jim Nussle is considered a leading expert on federal spending and budgetary processes. He served as a member of the House of Representatives from 1991-2007 and supports the President’s push for a line-item veto.

“Congressman Nussle used to be Chairman of the House Budget Committee, so he knows his stuff on budget fights,” continued Norquist. “He\’s also a pit bull who\’s not afraid to slug the other side right on the chin. This is a good thing. This year will be one that sees more spending fights than any year since the government shutdown of 1995.”