Photo taken from Jesse Sullivan's campaign Facebook page

Jesse Sullivan, candidate for Illinois governor, has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in his bid for the Republican nomination in Illinois. The pledge, sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform, commits signers to oppose all efforts to increase taxes.   

Americans for Tax Reform offers the pledge to all candidates for state and federal office. Sixteen governors and over 1,000 state legislators have signed the pledge.  

Sullivan committed to stimulating economic growth by reducing barriers to starting a business and cutting the taxes that make it so hard for small businesses to do things like afford real estate, hire new workers, or invest in growth. He also proposed an amendment to the state constitution establishing a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights to further protect the taxpayers. 

“Illinois families are forced to live within their means and keep a strict budget. It’s time those rules apply to Springfield politicians,” Sullivan said. “Only when Illinoisans have constitutional protections from runaway tax hikes and debt can they expect real relief. Otherwise, politicians like JB Pritzker will continue to take more from their wallets. This governor is Exhibit A for why we need a Taxpayer Bill of Rights in Illinois.”  

Sulliven also said, “Voters rejected his progressive tax hike at the ballot box. But they had no voice on the 24 other tax and fee hikes he has signed into law since taking office. Now he’s hoping voters forget about his record. It’s another scheme to defraud taxpayers.”  

By signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, Sulliven pledges to take Illinois in a new direction and prioritize the well-being of working families over unnecessary state spending and taxes.   

Before the primary, ATR will publish a more detailed evaluation of each Republican candidate’s record and positions on taxes and government spending.   

“I want to congratulate Jesse Sullivan for taking the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written commitment to taxpayers. Illinoisans deserve better than tax-and-spend policies that fall hard on the backs of hardworking families and small businesses. Instead, they want real solutions that create jobs, cut government spending, and make Illinois more attractive place to live and raise a family,” said Grover Norquist, president of ATR.   

“By signing the Pledge, Jesse Sullivan has demonstrated that he understands the problems of hardworking taxpayers in Illinois while J.B. Pritzker has made it clear he will continue to pursue a higher tax and spend agenda that grows government and increases the burden of state spending on taxpayers.” Norquist continued.   

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is a public, written commitment by an elected official or candidate to the voters of their state. The pledge is a commitment to oppose and vote against any tax increase. All candidates for federal and state office are offered the pledge each election cycle since 1986.