The 2010 Special Senate Election to fill the seat formerly held by the late Edward Kennedy just got its first pledge signer. Jack E. Robinson recently signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge as a candidate for the United States Senate.

Senator Kennedy had held the seat since 1962, but now O’Donnell is looking to replace the interim appointment made shortly after the state legislature changed the rules to fill the vacancy. The special election is nearing, as it will be held January 19th, 2010 and Mr. Robinson is the only candidate running who has officially signed the pledge.
As a pledge signer, Jack E. Robinson has promised the taxpayers Massachusetts that if elected, he will stand with them, for their best interests. ATR encourages all candidates in the Massachusetts Special Election to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, as we do all candidates running for elected office. It is important that the taxpayers see whose side their representatives are really on.
To see ATR’s official release on Jack E. Robinson, click here