As Americans prepare to file their 2013 tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service’s newly appointed commissioner, John Koskinen, announced that Obamacare implementation is so expensive the agency “may need to spend money on its Obamacare implementation at the expense of other agency programs.”
The Internal Revenue Service struggled with oversight of employees and interpretation of the tax code this past year when the agency used its power to intimidate right of center organizations. The IRS  also currently faces opposition to aproposed rule changed that would limit the speech of organizations prior to 2014’s midterm elections. 
If the IRS needs to cut spending, how will it interpret the complexities of the tax code and suppress speech while addressing the burdensome regulations in Obamacare?
According to Commissioner Koskinen, they won’t have time with the 47 new powers Obamacare gives the agency or the21 taxes it creates or increases:
“‘The ACA program will be funded … If our budget continues to shrink other things may have to go by the wayside’ he told reporters at the IRS headquarters in Washington.”
Koskinen hasn’t clarified which of the IRS' programs will be affected as Obamacare implementation consumes the agency’s resources.
It’s time for the President to check his ego and admit that Obamacare isn’t right for the American people or his administration.