A recent report issued by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reveals that the IRS collected more revenue in the fiscal year 2013 for the third consecutive year despite funding reductions made by Republicans.

Though the IRS conducted fewer audits, its gross collection peaked at $2.9 trillion in fiscal year 2013 while enforcement revenues increased by $3.1 billion between fiscal year 2012 and fiscal year 2013. Additionally, an increase in tax return fillings and gross accounts receivable, now $400 billion, was also reported.

Regarding delinquent accounts, the TIGTA report concluded that the IRS’collection function received more delinquent accounts than were closed.

An increase in revenue combined with a lack of control of delinquent accounts makes it apparent that the IRS has no problem enforcing its policies on hardworking American people, yet has no solid internal regulation of its own.

As the IRS budget continues to decrease due to a Republican-led Congress, the revenue continues to expand at a horrifying rate. The report of increasing IRS revenue comes at a time when frustrations with the IRS’ regulatory process are also continuing to grow. The Freedom of Information Act failures, coupled with the Breitbart investigation and Lois Lerner scandal prove that despite collecting more money than ever before, the IRS is rapidly losing the very-little internal regulation it had to begin with.

Unfortunately, with programs like ObamaCare, the IRS will continue to grow its revenue while becoming more intrusive and oppressive upon hardworking American taxpayers.

Will the IRS ever learn that an increasing budget does not equal more bureaucratic bias and government intrusiveness?  The continuous unraveling of the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service make it clear that, in fact, the agency does not need more money.