Enraged taxpayers racing to beat the filing deadline took to Twitter to express their frustration after patiently waiting on hold with the IRS help line, only to be suddenly hung up on by the agency.

“The IRS phone line is literally impossible to get through to talk to a human. When it comes down to one or two options both get me hung up on,” said one aspiring filer.

 “@IRS install more lines..hold for over an hour..and get hung up on..nice. Now, I get to start my HOLD PROCESS all over again..#NOTHAPPY,” said another. 


The IRS uses “courtesy disconnects” to hang up on callers when wait times are long. Yes, you read that correctly: “Courtesy Disconnects” is the official term used by the agency.

In 2015, the IRS not-so-courteously disconnected 8.8 million taxpayers, according to the National Taxpayer Advocate.

The problem continued into 2016, even at the beginning of filing season: