The tax code has gotten so complex that the IRS is running out of space on the Form 1040. The IRS has even resorted to shrinking the font size and adding lines, but things are now at a breaking point even for the tax collectors.

On Wednesday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen made his annual address to the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

Koskinen said:

“I do know that the space crunch on the 1040 has gotten to a critical point. Over the years, as the tax code has been changed countless times, we’ve added lines, and kept shrinking the font size, so everything could still fit on two pages. But there’s a limit to what our experts in our Forms and Publications division can squeeze onto two pages.”

This observation is more proof that comprehensive tax reform cannot wait. Luckily, the House GOP tax reform plan is a dramatically pro-growth overhaul of the tax code that will allow Americans to file on a postcard.

Speaking of Koskinen, it’s time for him to move along. Ways and Means Republicans this week sent a letter to President Trump calling for Koskinen’s removal.