Image of the IRS Building "Internal Revenue Service" by saturnism is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel admitted during a Ways and Means Committee hearing Thursday that the enlarged agency will become bigger than the Border Patrol, FBI, Pentagon and State Department combined.

Watch the video here.

Ways and Means member Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R – Pa.) asked:

“With the addition of 87,000 additional personnel the IRS will now be larger than the entire State Department, the entire Border Patrol, the entire Pentagon, and the entire FBI. Not individually, but combined. My first question is, do you accept that metric as a fact?”

Werfel replied:

 “I’m gonna be providing an update with the staffing numbers over the 10-year period. But I’m willing to accept the premise that the IRS will grow and be larger than those agencies.”

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