You are invited to the U.S. launch of the Timbro Sharing Economy Index. A new index from the Swedish think tank Timbro reveals the true size of the sharing economy worldwide.

Wednesday, July 25 from 12:00 – 1:15 PM (Lunch served)

Americans for Tax Reform – 722 12th Street NW, Sixth Floor


Alexander Funcke, Ph.D. – University of Pennsylvania

Lydia Wålsten — Timbro

Grover Norquist – President, Americans for Tax Reform

Michael Farren — Research Fellow, Study of American Capitalism at The Mercatus Center

Matthew Kiessling — Vice President of Short Term Rental Policy, TravelTech

Philip Thompson — IP & Trade Policy Expert, Property Rights Alliance

RSVP to John Kartch at [email protected]

“The Timbro Sharing Economy Index is the first global index of the sharing economy. The index has been compiled using traffic volume data and scraped data, and provides unique insight into the driving factors behind the peer-to-peer economy,” says head researcher Alexander Funcke, Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania.

Previous reports on the size of the sharing economy have employed surveys or self-reported indicators. For the Timbro Sharing Economy Index, researchers have collected monthly traffic data for 286 services in 213 countries. A complete count of active suppliers was also conducted for 23 of the 286 services using automated web scraping techniques, among them Airbnb.

RSVP to John Kartch at [email protected]