This week the US Senate passed the improperly named Marketplace “Fairness” Act (MFA), a national sales tax scheme that lets tax-me-more states like California and Illinois reach into the pockets of consumers nationwide. By a vote of 69-27, MFA passed and now heads to the House, where it faces a more difficult climb to passage.

Set aside the tremendous burden on small online retailers and numerous other reasons to oppose this onerous legislation, we took a look at the generation gap of those who opposed the bill versus those who voted in favor of it.

Every Republican (seven in total) aged 50 and under voted against the Marketplace Fairness Act.

Twelve of thirteen Republicans who are 55 and under voted against the Marketplace Fairness Act.

Nearly every sub-55 Senator (Thune excluded) voted against the bill. Here are a few of them with some made-up quotes associated with their pictures. 

Jeff Flake: Age 50

“Unpopular? Let’s do a meet and greet, ladies.”

Mike Lee: Age 41

“Let me tell you a bit about defeating incumbent Republicans…”

Tim Scott: Age 47

“Taxes are popular? I got 99.27% of the vote in my first legislative race.”

Ted Cruz: Age 42

“Obama’s in Texas? Maybe he’ll learn something about job creation.”

Marco Rubio: Age 41

“Join the Gang?”

Kelly Ayotte: Age 44

“I beat a guy by the name of Lamontagne.”

Rand Paul: Age 50

“I’d filibuster that…”

And now, some of the Republicans who voted in favor of permitting states to reach across their borders and tax your online purchases…

Lindsey Graham: Age 57

“Federalism? No thanks.”

Jeff Sessions: Age 66

“MFA lets state governments tax across their borders despite legal precedent arguing they cannot? YOLO.”

Mike Enzi: Age 69

“Everyone will now be subject to 9,600 highly variable state and local tax codes. Sounds great!”

Thad Cochran: Age 75

“The thousands of new businesses and tax authorities handling your personal information will definitely not lose it ever. Trust me.”

John McCain: Age 76

“Lemme see that online purchase order. Arggg!”

No, none of the above quotes are genuine and I made them all up. Relax. But the fact remains – the young freedom fighters nearly all opposed the Marketplace Fairness Act. There certainly were older Republicans who opposed the bill as well and fortunately more Republicans voted against MFA than voted for it.

Regardless, if you’re ready to ramp up the fight in the House, sign our petition to your Congressman by visiting now!